Silicon Wafers

Silicon Wafers range in size from 1′ to 12” in diameter.  At times, the ‘diced” wafters with only the rejects on the backing, look like the start of crossword puzzles.  The other wafers I work with were collected by individuals from all over the globe.


What do you do with 925 pounds of Silicon Wafer scrap?  The large box of silicon wafers I was fortunate enough to get, are rejects dated from 1995- 2007.

If you are interested in how the wafers and chips are made, the following are a few more good links:
Intel ceramic processors:

From How Do They Do It:
From Texas 2009:
Silicon wafer production timeline:


Small black dots on the individual squares indicate the chip was faulty in some way. This group must have caused a major headache that day at the facility.


“You Can’t Eat These Chips, But Some Find Silicon Addictive.   A Select Few See Beauty in Computer Brains; Museum-Quality Industrial Artistry” Story by NICK SHCHETKO, on the front cover of the Wall Street Journal, Aug. 27, 2014.


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