The Art:about-joyce-intel-semiconductor
The work you see here was created from computers, laptops, servers, silicon wafers, and a few printers, and scanners that have been completely broken down to the basic components.  Many of these were purchased at auctions or were destined to go to land fills or recyclers because they didn’t work, or were simply too old to be of any use.  To date — over 1600 computers, laptops, servers, and flat screen monitors, have been recycled as part of this adventure.  The silicon wafers and chips were purchased separately, saved from being broken up and sent overseas for recycling.  Extra hardware components that are not used are taken to an e-cycling facility.

The building: my new studio, well . . . as it was when the building was first constructed. In 1904 it was built for a new bank, and did well until the depression forced it to close.  Another bank took over and continued on for many years.  Next up, it was the Town Hall, and after that it was the town’s library.  Come by if you ever find yourself in Trafalgar Indiana.

CPU Artworks Studio and Workshop

Studio Address: 100 West Pearl Street • Trafalgar, IN 46181

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